Equipment & Curriculum


Our Equipment

All training will occur on FANUC LR Mate 200iD robots with R-30iB Mate Plus controllers. We utilize fenceless training carts with dual check safety systems so that the student can safety and closely interact with the robots. When the robots are in “teach” mode, their speed is significantly limited so that close proximity interaction is safe. When robots are in “auto” mode, an area scanner monitors distances out to six feet from the robot for movement. If a student is too close to the robot during automated running, the robot will slow down or stop, depending on how close the student is. Once the safe zone is cleared again, the robot will resume full speed operations of the program.


Whether you are a company with several FANUC robots or are just getting into them, Alpha Robotics can help you. Our courses are designed for everyone from a new equipment operator to an engineer who is just learning how to operate and program a robot. If you just have a couple of people that need training, we recommend that you send them to our training facility. If you need several people on your team trained, save time and coordination and let us come to you with our Mobile Training Unit. We can easily bring our training unit to your site and set up for convenient training. If FANUC robotics training is an ongoing need for your company, ask us about long term training plans. Ask us about our partnerships with workforce development groups to see if you qualify for training assistance funding as well!


Are you an hourly laborer looking to gain skills and increase your pay? Are you an engineer that is looking to join the robotics field at your company? Are you looking to add robotics skills to your resume for your next role? You have come to the right place. Our courses are designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they are . Individuals with FANUC robotics experience and certification are highly sought after in industry and their pay typically reflects this. Join the FANUC robotics world and set yourself up to continued career success.


Why would a college student or recent graduate be interested in a FANUC robotics course? Because it sets you apart from everyone else looking for a job. In today’s job market, robotics knowledge continues to be a hot topic and employers are always looking for people with experience and certification. A great example of this would be two mechanical engineers at a career fair. If a recruiter sees that they have the same qualifications but one is certified in FANUC robotics, that gives a huge advantage. An investment in robotics training early in your career can lead to great opportunities in the future.