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Mobile Unit

Our FANUC training robots are on wheels and can come to your facility! If you would prefer that we bring our training to your site, we are happy to do so. All of our trainers are mobile and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet so there are no special needs for set-up. The classes presented at your site will be the same as those we present at our training facility, just more convenient for you.

FANUC Robot Operations Course

Ideal training for the every day operator who will not be programming FANUC robots but does need basic knowledge of how they operate and how to recover from crashes and faults.

FANUC Handling Tool Operation & Programming Course

Ideal training for engineers, maintenance technicians, and operators seeking advanced knowledge of FANUC robot operations and programming for daily troubleshooting and use.

NOCTI fanuc certified robot operator exam

A 3 hour exam that results in a nationally recognized certificate upon successful completion.

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FANUC Robots Play Rock Paper Scissors

Our FANUC LR Mate 200iD robots decided that it was time to show down Rock, Paper, Scissors style!
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